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Art and Story Contest with Beverly Cleary

Updated: May 4, 2020


This year Yamhill Downtown Association had plans to partner with the McMinnville Public Library to have the bookmobile out and to promote literacy to our area. The Yamhill County Cultural Commission (YCCC) has helped to grant the community event as well as The Ford Family Foundation. They are helping with prizes! We want to continue with an opportunity to encourage and partner with the schools and children in these trying times.

We have decided it is still a great opportunity to promote reading, writing, and to inspire creativity to children! The Art and Story contests will continue this year through the month of April and (extended) submission deadline will be May 22nd! This is honoring the birthday of Beverly Cleary who is 104 this year on April, 12, 2020. Prizes and opportunity to win something fun is always a good motivation for writing or doing your best artwork. Did you know Beverly Cleary entered an essay contest when she was young? Try it. You may just win a fun prize! We hope to have a gallery reception for the artists who enter sometime in the future or we will post them virtually in a fun way.

We will be working on finding prizes for as many entries as we can. We will also be awarding Grand prizes for age groups.

12th Grade - $200 Local scholarship for artist!

Other HS Story and Art open $25 Scholastic gift certificate for books or art supplies

Middle School Story and Art: $25 Scholastic gift certificate for books or art supplies

Elementary 3rd- 5th Story and Art: $25 Scholastic gift certificate for books and art supplies

K-2 Color Page or Art: $25 Scholastic gift certificate for books and art supplies

For questions please contact Amy LaMae Brewer at ***Winning Stories will be read by Yamhill Mayor, and artwork will be displayed virtually or in Yamhill City Hall.

Art Contest: Open to grades K- 12. Draw your favorite Beverly Cleary character(s) with her Yamhill historical house. See her house above or below. I only made it to one classroom this year and sadly all their work was left at school but every day we can create something new!

**For Art contest submissions. Two options. 1. Mail artwork to PO Box 194, Yamhill, OR 97148 It will be returned or available to pick up. or 2. Email a photo of the artwork with the artist. Please put name, grade, school, Parent Permission, Email/phone # . RE:Subject line: Submission Art Contest Beverly Cleary

Story Contest: Open to grades K-12. Beverly Cleary wrote about kids in the neighborhood. Write a story about you or a made-up character who had an adventure or a fun event in their neighborhood. Make sure to have a beginning, a middle and an end to your story.

Please send submissions to Please RE:“Submission Story Contest: Beverly Cleary” in the subject line. Please put your name and information at the top of entry. Something like:

Name ____________________ Grade ______ School __________________________

Parent Consent ______________________ email: ___________________________

Phone #_______________________ City/State ____________________________

**Contests are open to any child in the USA. There will be prizes for Yamhill County Residents and then for children outside of our county. We welcome all children to participate!

Don't forget to check out the children's author and illustrator interviews! These are kid friendly, great fun, inspiring and just neat to know what it takes to become an author or illustrator.

K-2 Color Page Contest! Check out this cool color page from another local Yamhill artist! Enter it in the contest or enjoy it just for fun! Compliments of Kimberly Howell.

Bevs-B-Day-Page (1)
Download PDF • 12.78MB

Are you interested in writing a children's book or being an illustrator? here is an interview with the Picture Book Whisperer.

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