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Children's Nativity Scenes

The messages of the manger bring peace and awe. I just love a childlike nativity made from precious little hands. My children made these when they were young and I love pulling them out each year. So I decided to share the fun with Sunday School. This year our children's program became an art show. The Advent season began with making the mother of Jesus, Mary. She is made special and usually clothed in blue because she gave birth to the child from heaven. Directions are found on the first post of Advent.

The next weekend was a discussion about Joseph and baby Jesus. The angels came to speak with Joseph. His name was to be Jesus. I wanted to have the three main parts complete if some children were not present in the upcoming weeks.

Week three the shepherds and the sheep, we thought about the shepherds being surprised by the angels mixed with the soft quiet sheep. I like to put a blanket or a wrap around the shepherds.

The fourth weekend we made an angel and the stable. The hammering was a whole lot of fun. But the best way to make it easier is to pre-drill all the holes and the assembling went so much smoother. We ended up with 12 complete mangers and then some that were partially done and all look just perfect for the reason of the Christmas season. #nativitycraft #mangerscenes #Adventchildren

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