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Happy Halloweensie Contest!

It's that time of year for a happy Halloween story! I like to write friendly stories for Halloween. Every year there is a new topic with three required words from the Halloweensie Contest. You get about two weeks to write your best story but it has to be a tiny one. Only 100 words. This year's contest details, hosted by Susanna Leonard Hill can be found here. The three words to write this year's story are: werewolf, fright and superstitious.

I just love how a contest makes you stretch and pull to make something new. I never would have thought to write a story with a werewolf but I am glad I did. I kinda like my new friendly werewolf character. Meet Wendy Werewolf in my story below.

Big thanks for Susanna Leonard Hill for helping to create so many fun stories. Check out the other stories here scroll down to view the titles and click to read. They will all be judged and finalists will be chosen in November.

Thanks for visiting and reading mine. Have a Happy Halloween! I will be handing out gently used books with my organic candy bowl tonight and I also found some fun Halloween Mad Libs to attach to candy. It's another fun way to promote learning and literacy!


Word Count 100

by Amy LaMae Brewer

Hello, I am Wendy Werewolf.

I can walk wherever I please.

Even on a crack.

I’m not afraid of a simple black cat.

I’m not afraid of this-

or that.

Not even a mummy,

or a suspicious KNOCK.

If it is a ghost, I’ll say, "hello."

If my rabbit foot is left behind,

I won’t mind.

But alone on Halloween night

is the biggest fright!

So, if Draco says,

“No one wants to be with me.”

I’ll say, “I’ll be your friend,

I’m not superstitious.”

I am Wendy Werewolf! And…

friends hold tight--

when there’s a bump in the night.

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