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Spring Fling Writing Contest!

Updated: Apr 10

This is my first year entering the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest hosted by Kaitlyn Sanchez and Ciara O'Neal. In short, it is a 150 word story about spring using a Gif. Check out more details on the Spring Fling Contest here. I love that contests always challenge my writing skills and the fun is finding out what was in you and winning is of course extra.

I am so excited about this new story because it has been my journey of spring the past couple of years when I learned of lambing season. My son called one morning and asked if we could take in a bummer lamb. Just look how adorable they are! Touched by a little lamb, I dug into artworks and stories. A friend gave me a lovely artwork. The Gif I chose and the artwork of The Foundling by Mrs. Staples, 1878, helped me to write this story of lambing season which happens each spring.

The Little Shepherdess

By Amy LaMae Brewer

Word count 114

A bummer lamb bleats in the night,

but no one comes.

A pounding heart on a grassy hill,

covered in a fresh white coat with soft white curls,

waiting for a rescuer.

Another bleat and then another.

A cricket came and a bird sang,

but still the little white lamb waits.

The sun comes out and calls the little one to stand.

A wobble and a step, then a crooked hop,

an awkward pace until--

lost and looking for a friend, the little lamb rests.

Across the hill a small step forward,

caring eyes from the shepherdess.

A quickened race,

she opens arms and then a full embrace.

Foundling dawning,

new life tended,


#Springflingkidlit, #Kidlit, #lambingseason

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