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What's Your Thanksgiving Movie?

What movies are you bringing out for Thanksgiving? We started a tradition when my kids were young to watch Swiss Family Robinson. It has now been a set morning tradition that we begin our day as the house fills up with savory smells.

The encouraging family bonding begins as we watch the adventurous old movie together. Sometimes it is just good to watch an old movie with hokey special effects and villains. The importance can then be pointed to the classic truths which prevail of a family sticking together in great distress. This is what we needed when our beginning years also had a stressful turn of events.

I am not sure if we watched it before our house fire and I think most likely not because my kids were all under the age of five. At that time I believe a family show we watched was Cars and Tarzan. But after the fire, when our home was completely destroyed, we sought ways to build upon traditions. When so much in our life was unfamiliar, we decided to watch this favorite movie I had remembered growing up. Family bonding is such an important factor when getting through great trials.

Swiss Family Robinson became our special movie around Thanksgiving because we were looking to begin a family tradition, we also needed something without walls to provide this because sometimes walls burn down. What traditions can your family hold on to that help survive and strengthen a family bond? This movie brought adventure for my family of boys, a touch of faith and the love that keeps a family together when trials come.

I am so glad that one of my kids also read this book for a book report. It is truly a classic. Reading and movies go together for us as a family. Usually books are read first before movies but since we watched the movie first before they became avid readers it was a motivation for one of my sons to read a classic in his early grades for school.

Another great movie for Thanksgiving is, Kit Kittredge an American Girl book made into a movie (2008). The family struggles through the depression era. Family, friendships and good values prevail amidst a mystery during uncertain times and prejudice. It ends in a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.

What is your family movie for Thanksgiving?

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My fav Thanksgiving movie is Planes, Trains and Automobile. I cry at the ending every time I watch it. When my mom was younger at Thanksgiving she would always invite folks that had no family or make them a plate if they didn’t actually come to our house.

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