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Writing Inspiration

Absolutely love this quote and bulletin board! I found myself subbing in a writer's classroom. I believe this is an original bulletin board from Miss Kidd. She created a masterpiece for writers and readers. I just had to share. I hope that teachers and bookstores enjoy and share this with others too. Pam Allyn wrote this quote.

How lovely it is to dwell on the floating pages that drift from our writing machines. Now stored neatly in our laptop carriers. This captures the messy life of writing and the endless pages of creation. Thank you Miss Kidd for a true inspiration to reading and writing.

When writing gets tough, pick up a book. When the pages close on a story, get ready to write. These actions are symbiotic. They support one another, and remind the life of a writer to do what comes naturally. Read and write. Read and write. Read and write. Breathe in. Breath out. In out.

Let me tell you a few other reasons to keep at your craft. Reading matters to children. They begin to understand words through listening to others. Children form bonds with parents who read to them. They learn empathy and their IQ really does go up with more reading. Children learn to concentrate and they learn to sit quietly when read to. Even the brain structure is changed when reading. Reading is the exercise that builds your brain with creativity and focus.

When children become good readers then they will someday become writers. Some kids will write with words but all kids will write with their actions that they have learned. We need our writers today to teach our readers and writers of tomorrow. Keep writing. Children need new stories. They need to be challenged, delighted and inspired to go into the world with good character and determination to create a new road, a new pathway, a new invention for the future.

And so we do this all again and again. Read in. Write out. Read in. Write ......we breathe in and out. We call this, life.

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