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Words wander and drift, they come near, and they speak to me.  

Author Bio:

Amy LaMae Brewer is a teacher, a writer, a lover of story and tea. She is concerned about the need for story in the lives of children and shares reviews on her blog: Amy’s Cup of Tea, about reading, writing and creating. She can still ride the unicycle she learned from her fifth grade P.E. teacher. Her other talent is being a wreath maker for fourteen years. She lives in a small Oregon town with her husband, three boys, two sheep, five chickens, one loud rooster, and a cat named Fossil. They all help her write what matters for family; having fun, getting through life’s rough spots, imagining a happy ending and taking steps to get there.

More about me and why I write: 

My love of story was captured by teachers who put the inspired words of writers into my hands. I could think of nothing more than to be a teacher too, who brought such gifts to children. Then as a teacher, inspired by the children who read words and found the value in life to change the world they live; I could think of nothing more than to become a writer.


Teaching children the love of reading is an awestruck moment delivered in story. I cannot teach without story and I cannot write without finding a way to make a difference with words.  I can read from countless books, a favorite line or a character sentiment that changes the heart to feel and connects a child with words to inspire. In these moments of teaching shared with little faces I understand the word, Education.


I love to listen to students ponder and present their reflections of a story. Watching them with eager ears makes me so very glad. I feel completely fortunate to have a moment with words that speak out, walk side by side, and touch the inner soul. This to me is the wonder of STORY.

For the love of writers…stories matter to touch the souls of change, the dreams of understanding and words to inspire. Deepest gratitude for writers who change lives.

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