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Advent Craft for Children Part:1

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Advent began this weekend, a time for hope and a time to wait. In Sunday School this week, we started an extended craft to share the anticipation of the season. Fimo Clay is very successful with many age groups of children. Look at these unique and precious little Mary(s). My students were ages 6-12.

I made these with my own kids when they were young and I bring them out every year. The simple memories when we had time to craft and share the goodness of the season are moments to treasure. I have helped to make these nativities in classrooms and for Sunday School. They are wonderful to display for congregations and for gifts to family.

We began our Nativity with Mary because she symbolizes hope and anticipation. Some points to ponder. Waiting for the Christ child. Hope of a Savior. We discussed why Mary is usually dressed in blue. Blue because Jesus comes from heaven. She is shown in a heavenly way when wearing blue. We put a white head cloth on her to show how she is pure.

Begin with a simple start of the head and then the body. Some children add arms and hands. I also left it up to the each one to decide to make eyes or leave them off. Both ways turn out beautifully. Eyes can be put on later with paint or a fine tip sharpie. I have purchased the clay at hobby and craft stores and it lasts a long time. I have used some for several years. Keep it in zip lock bags and they will last several years.

Usually this clay is very sticky and adheres well. Make sure to blend in the arms and when placing the head on, a simple scratch on each side will help it stick on well and not fall off. (Glue does work if you need to put back on a head.) The cooking directions are easy. Heat oven to 275 and bake for about 15-20 min. See thickness and time if needed.

Next week! We will make Joseph and baby Jesus!

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