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Cursive Christmas Card Activity

This activity shares a unique gift from the heart on Christmas to loved ones. Especially to grandparents who have such fond memories of cursive letters. There is still time to make a handmade card to give to grandparents! Practice some of your cursive letters on these simple cut outs. Choose festive colored pencils and pens and your favorite cursive letters. Cut out and put them on a Christmas card or tag.

Choose the most simple cursive letters if you are just learning. Like; e, i, l, t, n or m. Or create with pizzaz your favorite cursive letters!

I will be teaching cursive this January for National Handwriting Day at the McMinnville Public Library. Three o'clock, Wednesday January 24th, 2024. I hope you can join if you are local. If not, stay tuned for the review and perhaps a video or lesson.

When substitute teaching in several schools I was known as the "cursive lady" who always brought and taught cursive to any age. I love for students to be able to write their own name in cursive and to show how unique and creative they are.

My favorite cursive letter is the "C" because it reminds me of the waves in the sea. A curve, a crest(stopping at two o'clock), a back-track curve and then again. A stroke like the endless waves at sea.

I have perfected teaching all the cursive, lower case letters in an hour. Please like share and comment if you would like more cursive lessons available.

Enjoy this FREE printable holiday cursive activity. Remember, your cursive is yours! Create it with care and your own sense of style and flair!

Christmas Cursive Activity
Download • 362KB

See you in January!

Happy Holidays!

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