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More Cursive Love!

Need a last minute card for a teacher or a grandparent. Last year when I was teaching second grade we made such cute cursive cards! I wish I took pictures of them. They were really simple with a few cursive words using colored pencils. I love old fashioned Valentines and it is easy when you can practice your cursive. Simple phrases like: Be Mine. True love. love you lots. You're cute. i love you. These are all fun to write in a card. Try writing one or write them all. Using colored pencils makes it fun. You can even practice once with pencil and then trace again which makes for more practice! And remember you don't have to wait till Valentines to say i love you. Simple cursive cards any time is nice.

It was a great cursive class at the McMinnville Public Library in January. We had a full classroom with parents and students. Our goal is to learn the cursive alphabet in an hour. We did it! First grade- sixth grade came and we had so much success! We had so much fun and the time flew by, that I did not remember to take any pictures until the last moment. Here's some fabulous letters from a 3rd grader who had no other previous instruction on cursive.

I needed to follow up and share some great places to get free cursive pages to share at home. I personally printed out cursive pages for my children from . Usually encouraging quotes and other cool facts about history, animals or geography. Try finding some here:

I loved Joanne M Landy because she starts at the line for all the lower case letters. This helps to keep the strokes similar. link here I also like They have great writing practice from animals to landmarks. I also found this one on raccoons.

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