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Forever Waves Are True

It's another contest! #50PreciousWords ! I am in such a great warm group of uplifting writers on Twitter. They share when the next fun opportunity for helping our words find agents, editors or just prizes to push our words forward. (And sometimes just us getting our feet a little wet.)

I just shared in my first #PBParty this past Monday, and now they say the next writer goal is 50 Precious Words. My first thought was, "I don't have time to even write 50 words this week!" But after being inspired by all the tweets and sharing on Twitter, I said, "Oh... I have 50 words somewhere..." So I looked through files and drives and did not find the one I wanted because it is on an old computer that needs a tune up. Although, I think I found the perfect one for 2021!

As we get discouraged as writers when we stand at the publishing world and it seems so vast as an ocean's edge, we need to just keep thinking like Disney's Dory! Her phrase is "Just keep swimming... just keep swimming..." I love her charm and dedication and sometimes waywardness of not really knowing where we are going with some of the words we write but just keep at it! As writers we need to keep thinking, "Just keep writing...just keep writing..." and carry on no matter what.

I picked out this nice little story that had 65 words and I paired it down to 50! It is so much better. This is why contests are so fun and everyone should always enter when they can because they will be amazed at how their creativity and craft gets stronger.

Forever Waves Are True

The ocean big and blue,

A seashell in my hand,

Water in my toes,

Vacation is over.

So long,

I’ll miss you.

Waves will always be here,

Some things never change.

Forever and the waves-

A love like this is true,

An ocean view,

My bare feet in the sand.

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