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Holiday Helper Contest

I love a good contest! I just found out about this wonderful contest from my new twitter friends last night! Susanna Hill's 10th Annual Holiday Contest. (Link found: here) This year the theme is 'Holiday Helper' and only 250 words! I would really love to submit one of my favorite stories that still needs a home, The Holiday Hedgehog but alas it is too many words (550). She is so sweet and helpful and I just can't cut 300 words of her woodland animal friends.

So I got busy and found a previous winter story that I could change to fit the details. I love that we have old writing drawers with words to refresh and make new. I have found that my old writing drawers come in quite handy for contests or even specific wish lists from editors and agents. I just wish the computer drawers were easier to rummage through than an old desk drawer.

Don't throw out your old stories, just tuck them away until they find a new moment. I am not sure this will win a first prize. The story entries are quite amazing and you can check them out on the link above. It is not always the prize but the challenge and creating something new. I am quite pleased how it transformed. Maybe it can be reworked again for a possible submission. Who knows, but I really like how contests make us move with anticipation and the creative spirit! This is just what I needed last night and it just feels good to complete something fresh again.

Here is my story:

Winter Magic

By Amy LaMae Brewer

235 words

Winter makes a lovely entrance when dressed in white.

But when you’re in the tumbleweeds with a scorching sun,

how do you help the winter magic come?

It’s time for mittens, scarves and sleds!

The winter magic calls loud and clear.

But it’s too hot to walk around that way…

unless you create some cheer!

Share the fun to those around you.

Paint a picture for them to see.

What fun! The winter carnival has begun!

Steam rises from hot cocoa served in paper cups.

Be the one to pass around and plan a sip or two.

Ask a friend for swooshing sleigh rides or

Build a snowman with a funny grin.

And, if you’re in the heat,

be sure to stack a tumbleweed and give a charming hat.

Share the winter magic, have a little fun.

Start a snowball challenge.

Then go inside and take the time to bake a batch or two.

Sugar-coated-spiced-pecans a yummy winter treat.

No matter where you are, the winter magic is not far.

You’ll have to give your time. String some sparkling lights,

Sing carols into the night, with heartfelt harmony.

You can help the winter magic return each year.

Before you slip into the covers, or look out icy windows,

to dream of snowmen who picnic in the park.

Share a little joy and give a little something of yourself.

Winter magic begins with you and I!

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