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I Still Believe: Movie Review

I Still Believe – A love story with Jeremy Camp

If love seems uncertain, and you give it everything, how will God write the ending?

After the preview showing on a college campus, one student said, “I never would have expected the cinematography to be this good from a Christian film.” Another student added, “Only God could write a story that good.”

Commenting on a favorite part, a student shared, “It was like the true Father of heaven was coming down to be there and pick us up in our most painful moments.”

These are comments elicited from older teen boys. Please go see this movie in theaters! Take your youth groups! It’s a powerful movie to discuss dating and real love. From the pre-showing of this film, everyone loved it!

If you can only get your teen sons/daughters to watch one love story, this would be it. What it means to find true love out of a crowd, run along-side and fight for a love that brings you to your knees. This movie, all the way, points to a God who knows your life.

Excited to enter college? Or just entering a new stage of life. Want to know how God guides our relationships? It inspires dating with a perspective of God first. How do you realize a guy is really for you? How do you know which one is to be your future husband even if you meet two great guys? This movie captures love about friends who tell their dreams and become the best the other needs. Like Romeo and Juliet, it’s about young, real love that goes beyond a heartache. Although, this ending is way more powerful and uplifting.

It’s a love story you don’t want to happen and at the same time, one that you want every love story to be.

The cinematography will keep you impressed, the story is genuine and true, the ending is not even fiction but an amazing end we all want to see, when God writes our story.

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