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Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Choose your favorite taste to sip while we ponder together the love of reading, writing and creating. From authors/illustrators to book reviews and sharing about great books for children. Sometimes a little art or craft mixed in to go along with a book. I will share books to capture every age, boy or girl. What's new in the writing world and how we can stay connected to our readers. What do kids really like to read? How do teachers like me know? Come sip with me and find out.

Ben Franklin-

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

I haven't met a child who does not like to listen to a good story. Ah, sure they may be wiggly at first and poke the one next to them but soon the listeners cry out and the pokers die down as they all settle in for a captivated tale. This is the fun of teaching. Taking a story to a class that delights and connects is truly a satisfying moment of teaching or being a parent.

A good story will make us laugh, cry, feel intense inside and then sputter us with relief and a sigh when it all works out. Characters become our friends, they leave us with real feelings of genuine adoration and desires to relate, even when they are a spider or a pig such as in Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White.

Sometimes in education things get missed. Sorry, it just happens. I was getting anxious that my kids were not getting read some of the great classics at school. There can be some really great new books too, like The Tale of Despereaux, by Kate DiCamillo. (although I had to read this one to my kids also) Sometimes teachers are too busy to fit in such essentials, I know, it is hard but great literature is so important to growing minds. So as a parent I read to my kids often. Especially in the summers on a blanket in the backyard or on the porch. I believe there are so many essential books to read to children but there just isn't enough time for our teachers to read all of them. I promise you will have fun too. I will highlight our family favorites and the ones I love to teach with.

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