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National Handwriting Day!

Write a letter. Write a note. Write a list. It's the day to celebrate your gifted personality in the pen. Perhaps you have missed the moments with the pen and your penmanship is poorly managed. You are out of practice. Pick up a pen and begin!

Or possibly you are exquisitely precise with penmanship. Whatever your state of practice you should honor the day with a written note to appreciate your balance with the brain and the hand. My favorite way to celebrate is to teach someone they can write in cursive too!

Writing in cursive has been proven to have benefits to brain development in thinking, language and working memory. The cross-over skills used in loops and cursive connections have been researched to promote an increase in comprehension and participation. Simply, kids who use cursive, write more. And their early on success of mastering hand eye coordination skills empowers and equips them for future learning successes. As a substitute teacher I have found first hand experience in kids who finished writing tasks in the classroom. One honors history student who was done way before all other students used cursive to finish his detailed long assignment. Then another fifth grade student who had the same time allotment as others finished much earlier than the class and she was also the only one who penned her paper in cursive. Interesting. Yes. #cursive, #Nationalhandwritingday

Here is a favorite cursive site I use.

These are a couple articles on the benefits of cursive. There are many more too. Look them up and try it out. A lesson in cursive goes a long way.

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