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Savor the Summer Reading

What to eat or read on a hot summer's day?

One of my favorite food memories was actually hearing Julia Child audio tapes while in the ladies restroom of a fine dining restaurant. Her voice is uniquely comforting and oddly entertaining all at once. This illustrated picture book biography by Jessie Hartland shares that same sense of comfort and style.

The extreme heat made me pull out a favorite cookbook, The Joy of Cooking by Julia Child. Found on page 134 is cold Gazpacho soup! Such a good summertime favorite and even though recipes are so easy to get to these days on a phone or ipad, I long to put my finger to an index and find a classic culinary favorite. Sometimes it is just good to finger a page to a recipe instead of swiping on a screen. Julia Child did this for the recipe connoisseur as she brought old-world European charm to cooking to the

average American. She made French cooking accessible to those who wanted to feel like they were only steps away from old-world France with a connection to sauces, soups, and savories. Maybe she was the first "app" when thinking of French style cooking.

A month ago, I came across this fantastic picture book biography that shares Julia's life in the full old-world charm for children. There are many young cooks out there these days and this is delightfully written with witty storytelling and whimsical art. The journal like script in a graphic novel layout invites young readers to engage in history and be entertained by the fun facts of the truly interesting life of Julia Child.

I believe this picture book biography has more true and entertaining facts than the movie that came out out several years back. Although, I am not surprised because the more I read in the children's book market, the film industry is just behind in telling a good story and definitely needs more cues from a children's writer perspective. For those who love Julia Child, this is truly a book for a personal beloved collection or to give it away as gifts to fun, foodie friends. I laughed out loud as I read it. The details of how the acclaimed book, The Joy of Cooking came into being is a remarkable story told in this children's book and a delight to read.

I can't believe I have not seen this book out until now! I feel this picture book biography should be in every kitchen store across the globe. Especially if you like pate', I loved the double spread with unending details of making a good pate' in full color, humor and strategy. The writing and illustrations in this book are engaging for children and adults.

If you love good French food and want to reminisce the tastes of a delicious life, to your children and friends, get this book, share and savor it like good food.

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