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Story and Art Contest 2021!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Yamhill Downtown Association's Beverly Cleary Art and Writing Contest 2021!

This year we are deeply saddened by the loss of Beverly Cleary as such a great contributor to childhood literacy and the writing community. We are very excited to continue her legacy and love for writing, children and community from the small town of Yamhill where she grew up. This year we were challenged with making things new once again with social distancing. We would like to continue inspiring young writers, artists and enthusiasts for Beverly Cleary.

** Contests are open to any child in the USA. There will be prizes for Yamhill County residents and for children outside of our county. We welcome all children to participate!

The theme for this year is PETs!

Beverly Cleary loved to write for kids and what they enjoyed. She wrote about children, their pets and the fun stories they share. Ribsy was Henry Huggins’ pet dog. She wrote a series about their adventures in Henry Huggins, her first created character and book in 1950. Later she wrote more stories about Ribsy. He was a friendly dog that everyone liked. You can read fun short chapters about Ribsy and who he met or the places he would go in her 1964 book, Ribsy. Check it out at your local library.

Story Contest: Write a story about your pet.

What is your pet like? Do you have a fun story to share? Tell us their name and what makes them so likable to you and others. Write about a fun moment or adventure you had with them or they had without you. Make it interesting, happy or sad. Make it helpful, hopeful or just plain funny. Write us a good story with a beginning, a middle and an end. Write us 50 words to 350 words! If you don’t have a pet, then make one up and tell us a great story. Then draw us a picture to go with it.

Art Contest: Draw us a picture of your pet. Give us their name or a title.

Who can enter? Children K-12, homeschool, public school or private. Just be a kid and write us a story or draw a picture.

· Local Artist Scholarship of $150 - Yamhill Carlton High School, must be 12th grade.

Color Page Contest. Kimberly Howell local Yamhill artist. For ages K-2nd grade. You can pick one up at the Larson House in Yamhill, or the YBG: Yamhill Bar and Grill.

Or print it here :

coloring page 2021
Download PDF • 345KB

Please send or email us your story and a picture of you and your art:

OPTION 1: Mail story/artwork/color page to

YDA Beverly Cleary Contests

PO Box 194

Yamhill, OR 97148


OPTION 2: Email story or a photo of the artwork with the artist.

Email to :

Subject line: Submission Art/Story Contest Beverly Cleary

Information to include with your story or art. (copy and paste this info if you are emailing or sending via mail.)

Name : ________________________________ Grade:______ T-shirt size __________

Parent’s name: ________________________________________

Email (parent’s please) : ___________________________________

Address: _________________________________________, State ______ Zipcode ____________

Phone number: (*helpful but not required for prize distribution only) _____________________________________

*If you send your artwork, it will be able to be picked up in the Yamhill Town Hall for a limited time. Sorry, we will not return submitted artwork unless you win a prize.

***Contest Deadline for entry. May 12th, 2021.***

We will celebrate the winners mid-May along with the opening of our literary walking tour, A Walk with Beverly Cleary in Downtown Yamhill. This will be a self-guided walking tour for kids, families, students and Beverly Cleary enthusiasts who want to learn more about Yamhill history and living in a small town. There will be a hosted opening from the YDA and a ribbon cutting. Participants will be able to redeem Yamhill business coupons through the walking tour. Please check back for more fun details!

2021 Prizes:




Art supplies

Grand Prizes for top winners will receive some of the above prizes plus a gift card ranging from $20-$50 to Wilco or Petco to share with your pets!

Don't forget to check out the children's author and illustrator interviews! These are kid friendly, inspiring and just neat to know what it takes to become an author or illustrator.

To learn more about Beverly Cleary please get this wonderful picture book biography of Beverly Cleary written by Vicki Conrad and illustrated by David Hohn. (Or enter the contest and win a copy.)

Just Like Beverly

By Vicki Conrad and illustrated by David Hohn

Are you interested in writing a children's book or being an illustrator? Here is an interview with the Picture Book Whisperer.

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Hi, will you post the results and art here when the submissions have been judged? This is so cool, I love Beverly Cleary!

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