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Teatime in Portland

I fancied a new favorite place for tea! Doja Tearoom in Tualatin.

It was a little difficult to find on the first time but well worth the extra effort in finding a quaint place on the water. We wandered in parking areas around the lake but once we were directed to park in the Key Bank parking tower we saw the shopping district around the lake.

They offer Fifty-four kinds of teas to choose from. Such a hard decision but if you happen to go with a friend, you can easily try two at a time. Your two hour experience is well worth the reservation.

I actually ate everything on the menu and left not a crumb. I love a good clotted cream, but there was "Oh so much more!" Amazing gourmet sandwiches, prosciutto-pear & cherry blossom jam, a gouchujang chutney pastrami. Then the sweet bites, a makgeolli pumpkin spice choux, an apple chai sponge cake, and a guava pear & ricotta mouse. Take a look at the full menu. They do change often but I would welcome this menu any time.

If you have time for tea, then you must have time to take a walk along the little lake walk with geese and ducks and pretty fall trees. Everything about Doja is inviting, from the inviting plant wall décor to the lovely waterscape windows to the walk leading to the door.

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