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Teatime Sentiments

I just love tea! One of my favorite things is to have tea with friends and children. A long time ago, before I had my own children, I began my journey with tea. I loved my Tupperware tea set, when I was young and I served to friends and stuffed animals. Later when I was a camp counselor in the summer as a college student, I hosted late night tea under the stars after raiding the dress-up closet at camp. I had a marvelous time with teens talking with a bit of British flair and serving a cup of manners, fun and giggles. Then, when I was first married and wanted a little side business, I traveled with a tea trunk of dress up clothes and treats to homes and schools. Scarves, fur stoles, hats, white gloves, I had them all to share. So, it was natural for me to write about one of my favorite things, tea.

I have written several stories about manners and teatimes. As a writer we need to write what we know, what we like and what we want to share with others. I look forward to sharing my tea stories someday with children and tea enthusiasts. What do you as a writer like to share? Do you have a passion? or a hobby? Possibly you could even speak about it because you like it so much.

I was asked to share tidbits about tea at our ladies gathering. If you are ever asked to share about tea at a gathering, this is a great book, HEART TO HEART ~ Considered Sentiments for Teatime, by Earlene Grey. I love her poems. I can sit down anytime and open a page and read it to almost anyone and they will say, "So true." Such wonderful moments of wisdom and wit with savored sentiments of tea and friendships.

I chose to read five poems with a short sharing of each. Everyone loved it but I am certain

if you read from her poems too, you would have some favorites and getting up to speak would be quite easy. I found this delightful book in one of my favorite little antique shops, A Time To Remember, in historical downtown Aurora. I usually stop to purchase some of my favorite tea on my way to monthly writing group. Paris by Harney and Sons, I use the beautiful tea tins for flowers, plants or gifts when I am done and the tea is delicious! I remember having a moment in this quaint little shop with the kindest store clerk while we waited for the credit machine a few minutes longer than normal and she said, "Aurora is a place where time stands still." (And if you can believe it... right after she said this, a train whistle blew.)

When I sip tea with friends it is, like time stands still. I believe that may be the reason for tea and I look forward to such wonderful chances of treasured moments ahead. What do you want to share as a writer? I want to share a bit of tea and talk of delightful life moments with friends. In my stories, I have these moments of tea and friendships too.

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