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Wreath Making to Writing

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

I actually never thought that being a wreath maker would lead to supporting my writing or last seventeen years! I had no idea that my one time quest after watching Martha Stewart,

and having an abundance of rosemary to make a couple of wreaths would cascade into years of visits with friends to farms while raising young toddlers, selling at farmers markets, bazaars, and booths and even my front porch. I also had no idea that because I am a wreath maker, I would have a moment on local t.v.! Check the video out in the link: On the Go with Joe!

My wreathmaking adventures began when my kids were young and I wanted something fun to do with them and make a little extra money. I started with about eight wreaths and I sold out nearly every week at the local farmer's market. I picked up a friend who was also a mom and a teacher and we enjoyed making wreaths from summer till mid October. Sometimes holiday wreaths, but mainly it was a summer gig.

It's always great to have extra funds when you are just getting by with kids. Extra money went to swim lessons and shoes usually but I also began attending writing conferences when my kids were young. Later, I saved some of my wreath money to feed my other creativity in writing. I am certainly thankful for all the successes in my wreath sales because I have enjoyed lots of conferences and writing classes.

It was actually a great opportunity when Covid cancelled all the local outdoor events. When the Lavender Festival in Newberg got canceled, I was asked to be a wreath instructor at a lavender farm. Everyone moved to outdoor activities and we were able to offer socially distanced outdoor wreath making classes. Waywardwinds Lavender Farm is a beautiful setting with outdoor tables for groups of two to four. My one weekend lavender sale moved to a month long summer job. The next summer we started earlier for classes and after the t.v. introduction, we nearly sold out of the remaining classes. Classes run all through July. See the video for details.

While teaching how to make a lavender wreath, I assured people they would make a wonderful wreath by the end of the class. It's a lot like writing because you continue to add a little more and tighten after going around once. Tightening is essential and you get better after each wreath you make. I always enjoy how unique everyone's wreath turns out. Like so many good stories, extra details and filling in holes are key components to wreaths. Adding a little extra time sure helps them look their best.

It takes a bit longer to write a good story than to make a wreath. But I keep making wreaths which feeds my writing. One of my favorite characters is the Holiday Hedgehog who makes wreaths too. I look forward to sharing how to make wreaths one day to readers who like being creative like my characters. It all began because I love to make homemade gifts. First a wreath business then my stories. Hopefully soon I will have that story published about a friendly hedgehog who loves to make gifts for everyone.

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