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YA: The Black Plague:Religion & History

This is the book I read last year for Lent, the forty days before Easter. When Lightning Struck! by Danika Cooley. Martin Luther, an amazing super hero of the faith, held the world together in a crazy time. He saved the Bible from being destroyed and gave it to the masses, the poor, the plain. When the Bible was only in Latin and only read by clergy, Luther decided to make changes. He brought the Bible to people in their own language so they could daily read the Bible and have faith, hope and light for their days to come. Around each corner in this incredibly dark ages time was the Black Plague. Luther’s life is truly impressive and his faith endured to do many great achievements. His life is about protection, near misses, escape, and a fight for family and the truth.

This YA book is written by an incredibly awesome home-school mom, Danika Cooley. She wanted to teach her children about heroes of the faith. She started looking for interesting, relatable books that would not bore her kids, but tell of the rich, religious history. After looking for a book that she could not find, she decided she better write one. I am so excited she has more books coming! This historical YA novelist is outstanding!

I was raised Lutheran. I went to Catechism as my own choice in high-school even though I did not have to. It was quite nice with several sweet older ladies in the church that willingly volunteered so I wouldn’t be alone. After first being disappointed in some state universities, I decided to go to a Lutheran college to become a Lutheran School teacher. But, I have never heard Luther’s story this fascinating before! After reading this great historical book in a true story format and not just facts I have never been so impressed with Luther’s life and the full story of the time period.

I wish all my Lutheran friends would read this book and understand the fervent life of sharing the word and truth of the Bible. Just like Luther, racing to tell the truth to the masses after reaching Rome and knowing that the word of God is for everyone and should be shared to as many people as he could. I am so glad that Danika Cooley has done a superior job in sharing this history.

I also wish my other Christian friends knew a little more and would read about the amazing life of Luther. I have always wanted to blend both and Danika Cooley has made this possible from her perspective of not being Lutheran but tending to this amazing story in such a real way. Her book is an excellent read for both YA and adults. She is an impressive writer racing to tell the stories of faithful heroes of the past. I am looking forward and waiting for her next one, which I hear is on the way!

In closing, When Lightning Struck! The Story of Martin Luther, shares how Luther was compelled on that fateful day when a powerful bolt from the Creator was put in his path. Luther knew what he must do for the faith, for his fellow neighbors and family. I pray we all pick up the Bible and read for the many gifts it continues to bring to each life, in every generation. Even when a plague attacks the world. Faith, hope, light and love are the gifts to share when the world is dark and written in the divine pages of the Bible for everyone. It is a race we must continue to pass forward with light!

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