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Happy Narwhalidays!

My kids have always enjoyed the fun brought by a good holiday book. Even though they are all older, I bring out our beloved Christmas and holiday books and set them on the coffee table. My oldest who just had his first semester at college, happily sat on the couch reading a favorite picture book in front of the tree as soon as he came home. This truly brings much joy to my heart because stories are such a wonderful gift.

I had hoped to get to a bookstore much earlier for holiday preparation and I feared waiting so long, I would miss the best books this season. But, after watching a much beloved Christmas show about a small independent bookstore owner, You’ve Got Mail with Meg Ryan, I had to make it to an independent small bookstore. Well, even though the pickings were slim, I found a super, silly and totally charming holiday book for a budding new reader. (1st or 2nd grade) Author Ben Clanton has done a marvelous job for young readers!

Narwhal and Jelly books remind me of Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie books but longer conversations still about the kindness of friendship in a super, fun, silly way. They make kids want to read because it is just fun to read about nice friends. In my days of second grade, I remember reading Heathcliff and Snoopy books. Something about simple illustrations full of life with wit and humor really help readers to become more confident without even trying.

If you still need to get a stocking gift or a fun friend gift, try going to Third Street Books in McMinnville for this cute, happy tale. Or find your own local bookstore around the corner. If you miss this season then look at the other Narwhal and Jelly books, I am sure they are fabulous! I can’t wait to read them too! This one will be wrapped and given to a happy second grader in hopes she will remember fun Christmas times with stories by the tree.

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