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Teaching Kids to Write a Story

Updated: May 11, 2023

Tools for teaching kids to write a story. Writing stories can be hard, especially when it is an assignment and nothing comes. Students sometimes stare, groan and complain. BRAINSTORM, by Rebecca Gardyn Levingston helps share how to begin the creative process with a brainstorm. Pictures and words get you in the mood to write! I think this book is excellent for all ages.

When your young writers are stuck and cannot start, this book helps to introduce the feelings and emotions that start to gather ideas. Kids will know they are not alone when thoughts seem like an empty cloud. It's just like the weather with droughts and times in need of a little shower of ideas. Some days are just cloudy or overcast but as a storm rolls in with a pushing wind and the first pitter-patter of ideas begin to fall. It's the start to capture a story. I loved writing as a kid and finding a fun topic. As a teacher, I love that this books shares the excitement of finding a story from inside each child.

From discovery to organizing, Brainstorm is a great read to support the writing process. Playful illustrations by Kate Kronreif show how ideas begin to grow and then flow. I love how the whole story moves like a storm, showing how words and thoughts start somewhere empty and then they begin to crash and flash and take stream.

Onomatopoeia. Questions words. Adjectives. They all make way for ideas. At the end of the book there are some activities to help with creative downpours. A super book for the classroom to help students work through their doubts of writing and showing how easily it leads to a writing mind full of ideas to begin a story.

There is still time to enter the Beverly Cleary Story Contest! Try out some brainstorming! Check out this book! Take a walk. Walk to write. Come visit our literary walking tour in Yamhill to find out story starters, history, and facts about one of the oldest towns in Oregon. Then use the writing prompts along the walk to write your own story.

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