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Simple Homemade Crafts at Christmas

Cranberry Wreath Ornament

Using left over cranberries from Thanksgiving makes these easy Christmas wreath ornaments. You can make them into a heart or a simple circle. You only need a few supplies.

  1. 12-15 fresh cranberries

  2. craft wire about 10-12 inches

  3. ribbon to tie a bow

  4. green sprig: boxwood, rosemary, sage, eucalyptus or bay leaf.

Directions: Make a loop with the wire and twist together. Then string your cranberries. Twist the ends together and add the greenery using the wire to also attatch when closing your wreath. Add your ribbon in a bow. If you want a heart, then bend the center and make the "V" at the bottom. Hang them on your tree.

Simple Gingerbread Recipe

We have a new tradition in Yamhill. It is our second gingerbread contest! Decorate a gingerbread creation. A recipe is found here. It is quite delicious and makes about 10 large gingerbread cookies. Pick up your big cookie at the tree lighting ceremony, Dec. 8th at 6pm. If we run out you can also make whatever holiday cookie cutters you have on hand and then decorate simply. They are even delicious to eat, if you choose to keep them at home.

If you are in Yamhill, join our festive small town holiday cheer and enter your best gingerbread creations! Bring them to the town hall by December 15th to enter for a prize from the Yamhill Downtown Association! YDA.

Happy Holidays!

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