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Spring Into Writing

Sometimes it is a long wait being a writer, kinda like a long winter. Good thing there is tea in the meantime! And when a fun story pushes through your fingers, it sure is fun to share with friends. The #Kidlit writing community is a friendly place to be encouraged by other writers. Writing stories with others is a fun goal and it's always great to be encouraged along the way on the publishing path. I love how a contest is like a seed that is planted. A theme or a phrase is put into the hands of a writer and after some care a story emerges. One of my favorite all time spring stories is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Bernett. Almost 30 years later, one of my first students told me they still remembered this story from read aloud!

The #Springflingkidlit writing contest is here! Spring flowers are just the best to add a pop of color to the landscape after winter. A new story refreshes a writer like a new bloom. So get out your laptops, your pens, and sit outside. Just add the theme of spring and a Gif, while keeping it under 150 words. Follow the rules Here from Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara O'Neal's fun contest.

If you are a fellow writer, come along and write a story! Check out the cool writing support prizes from amazing agents, editors and writer judges Here! So many great books! (Or just find a spring gif and write your own story for fun!)

If you are a kid writer and are looking for contests. Check out #50preciouswordsforkids on Vivian Kirkfield's website, contest in May. Also, check back on April 12th for my kid writing contest in honor of Beverly Cleary's birthday! Theme and story prompt will be announced! You'll have almost one month to write a fun story. Kids from grades K- 12 welcome to enter. Beverly Cleary inspired me as a writer, an early children's author who wrote fun stories to entertain children. Fun fact! Her historical house is just down the street from mine!

Here is my Spring Fling Kidlit story with a fun Gif. I just love a cup of tea. What fun it was to bring these words together to think about spring.

Spring Fling Tea

(word count 135)

by Amy LaMae

Get out the petal cups!

Catch all the raindrops!

Put them in the kettle.

Come taste the blossoms,

It’s time for a spring fling tea.


Hooray for frog jumps!

Hooray for new feathers!

Wake up the toads!

Flutter in puddles or

Put on a favorite hat.


Call to all that grows.

Sit down for a splash of tea.

Rest on a toadstool,

Perch on a stump,

Share a spot on a rock.


Give thanks to the earthworms

For doing their part.

Cheer for the berries,

the spices, the fruit,

the tastes of new earth!


Take a sip from your cup,

Chatter with friends.

It’s a new year to grow,

Shout out to the

Trees and the bees.


Hello to the blossoms,

Hello to the blooms!

It’s a time to drink

to the newness of


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