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Cosmic Chaos!

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

This is a great book about finding family. I was lucky enough to be in her writing group. My kids and I couldn’t wait for the next chapter in the early stages. But it was even more exciting when we had the book in hand. Two of my boys devoured it and they still ask when the next one will be out? It’s about a young boy in the future on a space station who must get back to Earth to find his mom. But, an intercepting nanny robot intervenes and first, his dad doesn’t believe him. This makes for a great story with a positive family theme and lots of interesting futuristic story elements. Like, the main character, Logan, thought he was just doing his homework via virtual training sessions but then finds out he actually travels through time. Now that is cool! It is exciting and page turning all the way through as he must use the time machine(on the Nanny's arm!) to get answers and get his mom back. He even meets a new home-schooled friend who helps with clues by using Bible history. It is not overly Christian at all, just a few simple ideas scattered in. This is such a nice added bonus as a parent looking for good books with a touch of faith. Seriously, it is a great read! Look on amazon and get it for holiday giving. Safe, Inspirational and a strength to the Family.

An excellent middle grade read which is 3-6th, and my kids even liked it as 7th and 8th. I loved it at 40-something. It is just a good story with fun, fresh ideas.

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