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Emily's Runaway Imagination!

This is the most current cover.

Have you read this delightful classic? It has a lure to my heart, as I live in this little town of Yamhill where it all began. An active imagination of a young girl who creates excitement in her neighborhood, finds a way to bring a library to her small town.

This story is part history of the beloved children's author, Beverly Cleary. When she was young, she had the love of reading so bad she had to get a library in her town, just like her cousin in the big city of Portland. With turn-of-the-century charm and the pure fun of captivating the emotions of a child's realistic dream come true, Beverly Cleary paints a town of goodness. A community comes together to make opportunity possible for one spunky, young gal named Emily and her imagination.

In celebration of her 103rd birthday, the little town of Yamhill will honor this historic author with a smashing good party for all! Held this next Saturday (4/13). It is preceded by a Friday luncheon between the town mayor and a leadership student council team from the local school. They will discuss how to make the community better. All the traits of this good book are brought to life, even today.

On Saturday, the fun will start with turn of the century Model A cars in the streets to showcase an era of new imaginations. An art show of children's favorite characters from her books will be displayed. The roving bookmobile from nearby McMinnville will settle in to allow for book reading on this special day. Crafts and more old-time fun is hosted by the local pizzeria, Rooted. Don't forget the "Free Cake!" to be shared. And, a silver platter tea set may give a glimpse of new hope to inspire a library once again.

Oh, how I love to walk in the pages of a book. Most of all, I love how a good book inspires through it's timeless words of wonder.

Thank you Mrs. Beverly Cleary for your imagination that started in your eight-year-old steps and has stretched through the years into books and pages for many young hands.

I really like this cover too. The story is so good it continues to get reprints.

I love the first edition classic cover!
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