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Everyone Loves Pie!

Super fun book! and PIE recipes! Sara Weeks gains everyone's interest with this book. She incorporates every kind of pie to reach all taste buds. I love this book's friendly mystery of a little town gone crazy over a missing pie recipe. Who will be the next pie queen of Ipswitch and did Aunt Polly really leave her prized recipe to her cat, Lardo? Alice will have to find out for herself, with a little help from a good friend, Charlie. And of course, Lardo the cat.

This is a favorite to read aloud in the classroom or at home. The silly mystery of events really helps readers want more. There are super possibilities for integrating activities with this book. Each chapter ends with a pie recipe. From a classroom drawing of pie contest or an actual pie making contest, to an addition to a report or just a way to make pie in the kitchen. This book entices the reader to take action in baking and to predict some outcomes.

Who doesn't want more Pie?

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