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Faith Books at Easter

These are some great books to add to an Easter basket. I have all boys and they are in their teens now. They have liked the sports devotions. I usually get some great ones when I go to the OCW : Oregon Christian Writer's conference in August. Although, I have always taken advantage of giving books. Easter is a super time to fit in books about faith. My kids have really grown from it and they all like reading their devotions.

If you would like to see more books I like from picture books to novels and devotions, check me out at Pinterest! Here I have several boards on Christian books for different age groups. I can post more books than I can review at this time so it is good to take a look. All of them would be great for an Easter basket! The last one below, is a nice girl book, and I love this author, Sheri Kyle who even has great Christian chick lit. Check down on my reviews for a full review. It is such a good story for girls that shares about problems growing up, cats, chocolate, and how God is really there to be there with you in all of them.

For the non sporty and one who just likes faith and funny stories this one is great! Josh McDowell devotional has laugh out loud moments of quirky stories, serious thinking moments too. My son at ages 13-15, would often read it out loud because it was so fun to share. Excellent for a boy who is not into sports. (But the sport kids like this one too.) We traded devotionals or got new ones. Although, one son didn't want to share his Sports Devotional so we had to buy a second one and this is the one we often give as gifts.

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