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Horse lover's delight! Girl Reads

I have several friends with young girls and they are wonderful horse riders. Barrel racers or equestrian, this author will please the young rider who loves horses. I am so excited to finally share about this author's books. I met this author at a Christian writer's conference several years back. I took one of her classes on writing. I believe we wrote epitaphs for our characters and it was a super exercise to know your characters better.

I became a fan of the way she could help make characters so relatable. That conference I took home a couple of her Christian fiction books for women. Her book Tombstone was an instant favorite to me in the heart of true grit. I was raised on John Wayne and the love of true character with determination has stuck with me.

Marilee Farrell writes about strong heroines with a spiritual message, life lessons and with relatable family issues. Oh, and a little romance thrown in. These are perfect qualities for a moral read for young girls. I wish I had girls to give them to, but alas, I am only a boy mom. Although, now I can point my friends to this delightful strong character writer who truly writes with a purpose in mind of creating healthy fiction for young lasses who love horses.

Check out her books here:

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