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Love Lexi: Letters to God

A fast read filled with humor, wit and sincerity of God’s wisdom for girls. (10-14) What young girl doesn't have problems with boys, girl-drama, sibling pressures, desires, dreams or hesitations about the future?

This sincerely, honest book by Sherry Kyle, shares Lexi's letters to God about all the drama of growing up from boys, to big sisters or little brothers; to the simple pleasures of cats, chocolate, donuts and limos.

Strung together through daily entries of discouragements and little blessings it hits us all in the heart. From the beginning truth of the "Worst Day Ever!"-- to an amazing, "I can't believe it turned out this way"- day! Each letter has a response from God in a simple scripture and connects so well to the middle school life.

The icing on this sweet filled book for middle grade girls is that it invites readers to journal their own frustrations or joys after each chapter. Words comfort, direct and bring peace to surprising situations. Just what a young girl needs when too much drama rises all around.

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