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Polly Horvath! Great girl reads 3rd- 6th grade.

Everything On A Waffle

Polly Horvath- Polly Horvath- Polly Horvath!  l just have to shout her name because I love her books and besides, it is such a fun name to say. She has been on my favorite list because once I read this book I had fallen in love with her style of quirky lovable characters that just take you on wandering paths and adventures you never knew existed. (kinda like my run on sentences, but she is much better at word work than I.) I began reading this Newberry Honor book(2002), Everything on a Waffle and knew I had to read more of her. I will share her other books a little later. This book I love sharing because everyone I know, who reads it, is so caught up in it.

Believing in truth, believing in family, believing the good will come is just a powerful good theme. Especially when life is stormy and it is hard to find people to believe in your optimism. This

is a delightful book, like everything is better when on top of a waffle.  Oh my, such charm to her words.

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