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The Mother Daughter Bookclub

Drama is Required Reading

When is not a girls life filled with drama? Even when a girl doesn't want drama, it is there. Mainly it’s on the sidelines of life waiting until we just have to deal with it. But, when it is a previous best friend gone berserk with runaway attitude, it is hardly manageable until a thwarting life change happens. The Mother Daughter Book Club comes just in time.  An intervention plan seems so unfulfilling when started by our moms. But there certainly is surprise in this book that shares the old classic Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. It gives these modern day mix-matched girls a new perspective.

I love the old, Little Women ties to the spunky chit chat of today characters found in this book. Each of the four friends or girls resembles one of the classic Louisa May Alcott characters. Although, this is not at all old fashioned drama. It's about fashion in New York, organic farms, environmental law, soap opera stars, and boys. The latest common fiascos of middle school with four uncommon girls. As of old, they discover a friendship that is timeless to us all. I say this is a definite girls read.

Heather Vogel Frederick has not only sold a book for the future but has put a classic on the list of reads for girls today. Thank you. I look forward to the next book on the author’s list.

Some books by Heather Vogel Frederick:

(for boys)

Spy Mice: The Black Paw, Spy Mice: For Your Paws Only

(for girls)

The Voyage of Patience, Goodspeed, Much Ado About Anne, The Mother Daughter Bookclub

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