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The Music of Dolphins

The Music of Dolphins is a wonderful read that communicates the life of dolphin to an upright world. As this young girl who was raised by dolphins learns language instead of her dolphin song she is made aware of how people think. But it is how the scientists and the counselors now see this young girls perspective a benefit when understanding groups of people and animals.

What I love about this book is how the author begins the story with a newspaper article of a found girl who was raised by dolphins. Then she begins the first chapter with the diary of the girl as she is learning the new language of people, English. She uses large print at first with very simple thoughts to bring readers into the character's world. This is amazing to me as a teacher who sometimes needs a story that will help a struggling reader, read a longer book.

The chapters are shorter at first with that simple language and then as the character becomes more confident in language the entries or chapters become longer too. The size of the print on the page also gets increasingly smaller as the book goes forward. This is such an astonishing progression for the story and to help readers to be more confident in their own reading skills. I love this book for that alone. But the story is just as charming and engaging all the way through. Excellent choice for a reluctant girl read or any girl who has a love for animals.

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