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Tuesdays at the Castle

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Who knew a castle could have new rooms added every week? And it knows who will be the next heir. This is no ordinary castle who takes a liking to only the purest of hearts and to those who only have the kindest nature. Celia the young princess knows this all too well. She also knows every detail, twist and turn the castle takes and she awaits each Tuesday for the new room to add to her map.

Befriending the castle is all too easy for Celia but her troubles increase when her parents are no where to be found and some evil doers try to overtake the castle. Celia and her siblings have to learn to trust the castle walls and find favor by doing what is right and true. They of course find themselves trapped for a time but with the help of the castle they purge the dastardly with daring and humorous bravery.

I do love a story that talks about virtues and the importance of manners. You’ll find this a magical treat. It takes enough twists to keep you wanting to turn the pages and you will want to read the next one too! Wednesdays At The Towers. Oh my there is one more title too! Thursdays with the Crown. A delightful series by Jessica Day George. Enjoy!

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